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Shipping :


We have been recognized for the quality of legal advice we provide in the Shipping sector. Our experienced team is committed to providing comprehensive legal service to our clients in order to secure their businesses and marine ventures from all potential dangers and surprises. We act for Ship-owners and Ship-managing Companies, Chatterers, Shipyards, Bunkering Companies, Ship-suppliers Banks and Financing Institutions, Underwriters, P & I Clubs, Energy and Oil Companies.

Our experience in Shipping has grown to include both dry and wet work.

Wet Shipping :

The immeasurable expertise we have gained in the Shipping sector is mirrored by the teamís ability to provide prompt and excellent advice in times where maritime ventures happen to go wrong. We pride ourselves for the quality of advice we deliver and our Shipping Group has been involved in many high profile cases that have made headline news. Knowing the dangers that surround the industry, understanding the need for speed, efficacy and excellence of quality advice that our clients demand, our team can provide advice in all matters relating to the Ďwetí side of Shipping and especially in circumstances where the need for on-the-spot legal advice following a disaster in the high seas is matter of urgency.

Collisions                         Salvage

General Average            Towage

Wreck Removals            Pollution


Dry Shipping :

From the time the client wishes to purchase and register a vessel and the work involving such purchase, to the time a claim is made under an insurance policy, our team work closely with our clients so that all of their expectations are met. We recognize that shipping is always involved with significant amounts of assets and that disputes inevitably arise because of the multitude of the parties involved. We take pride in the fact that we are always at the forefront of all dealings, managing to preempt such disputes and to successfully resolve them in the case they unavoidably arise.

Vessel Sale and Purchase                         Vessel Registration

Ship Finance                                                  Yacht Finance

Ship Building Contracts                              Bills of Lading (standard/electronic)

Charter party disputes                                Cargo Claims

Crew Claims                                                  Marine Insurance    

Protection and Indemnity ( P & I )             Reinsurance



Ship Arrest :-

We put in place all legal actions to arrest a ship in Egyptian  ports and waters, acting on behalf of holders of maritime claims, such as ship mortgages, collision, salvage, general average, chartering, new building, ship repair, disbursements, supplies and cargo claims, inter alias.

The arrest of a ship is in essence an urgent and confidential measure, since the vessel will remain at port only for as long necessary to load or unload the cargo. Consequently, we always act quickly together with our court attorneys and the relevant debtor, who may be prepared to provide a power of attorney duly apostil led to be effective in Egypt as well as the guarantee requested by the court arresting the vessel, as soon as possible.


Once the vessel is arrested as security for the future outcome of the corresponding litigation proceeding, the relevant court will grant time to institute such proceedings on the merits, and that may be done in Egypt or in any other jurisdiction.

We also defend the vesselís interests in case of arrest, acting on behalf of ship-owners, ship managers marine insurance companies and P&! clubs, and by filing the corresponding countersecurity to release the ship. In this regard, please note that Spanish courts do not accept letters of undertaking issued by clubs and insurers, so we arrange to file a deposit as a matter of urgency and thereby allow immediate departure of the vessel.


International Trade and Commodities :


Our experience has grown to provide advice on all aspects relating to the sale and purchase of goods and their transportation.

We have frequently been involved in the drafting process of large-scale trade contracts where the ingenuity of our experienced lawyers has been highly valued. Advice is also promptly delivered in matters relating to the financing of trade in cases relating to letters of credit, performance bonds and letters of guarantee.

Our advice is delivered in a concise and comprehensive manner and with a hands-on approach to-but not limited- the legal issues involved.

                            Cif, fob, c & f contracts

                            Letters of Credit

                            Performance Bonds

                            Drafting Agreements

                            Multi-modal Transport


Commercial and Civil Litigation :


Our firm has earned an excellent reputation in the field of litigation characterized by the strength and tenacity our advocates use when disputes have to reach the courts.

In the case a dispute cannot be reached amicably, our experienced team will strive to pursue the case through the courts successfully.

With an enviable success record, our firm undertakes all forms of commercial and civil litigation before the Egyptian  courts and with the co-operation of International Law Firms through various jurisdictions, our firmís litigation practice may range from simple motions to often high-profile, complex and lengthy disputes before the national courts.

Cargo Claim :


When cargo damage or shortage is discovered by stevedores or consignees at unloading operations, we act for them and cargo underwriters to protect actions and rights against carriers by holding them liable in accordance with the terms of carriage. After evaluating the scenario we recommend a claim course of action in order to obtain the most positive settlement. If an amicable solution cannot be arrived at, then we manage the full dispute resolution procedure via litigation  achieve the best and most favorable decision in respect of physical and financial losses.

Collection of commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, delivery receipts and protests, stevedores worksheets and OS&D reports, notifications to ship agents and carriers and survey reports are a must in order to handle a good case. Remember that in case of apparent damage or shortage at the time of delivery, an exact and detailed description has to be recorded on the delivery receipt to properly support the claim.


If requested, we are also able to appoint appropriate and cost-effective surveyors in all Egyptian ports in order to investigate and adjust cargo damages and shortages.